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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cajun Seitan-Sandwich, Chocolate Bliss and Mommy-Daughter Time at Candle Cafe!

My son is away at a sleepover (he is off today for Passover) and my daughter who attends a Catholic school is not. She was waaaay bummed at having to go to school when her brother didn't have to so last night I decided to take her out to dinner as a treat- a little mommy-daughter bonding!

Caroline's favorite, favorite, favorite place to go is Candle Cafe, a vegetarian restaurant on the Upper East Side here in New York City. Ok, twist my arm! When we go we always share the Cajun Seitan Sandwich (see above,) which is the most delicious, mouth watering sandwich ever even if I were not a vegan (really!)Along with their Seitan Picata, which comes over mash potatos and spinach, this is also my occasional meat-eating husband's favorite meal and also one of my son's favorites!

We started off our meal with a green juice (for me) and a frozen limonade (for her.) Aren't they pretty?!?

Can you tell Caroline is enjoying hers? My little chatterbox barely spoke a word when it arrived as she downed it!

When it came time to order, she surprised me! No cajun seitan sandwich for her (yes, one for me please!) but she ordered the good food plate with rice, sauteed vegetables, soba noodles and a delicious tahini sauce.

She surprised me again with dessert! We usually order their Chocolate Mouse Cake .

But, this time, my chocolate-loving gal ordered the Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake. It was good but I have to say that I missed the Chocolate Mouse Pie!

She loved it and that's all it matters!

Dad met up with us at the end and loved it too!

What a special family evening.

You don't have to live in New York to eat this dish! A few months back, I tried to recreate the Crusted Seitan and came up with my own twist. Here is a picture of the seitan!

Two meals for the effort of one!

Night #1: As you can see, one night I served the seitan with some corn and ketchup (we had a playdate over and they had no idea it wasn't chicken!) And,

Night #2:  The next night, I just piled the seitan high ontop of a bun and added sliced tomato, lettuce and slattered on some Vegenaise. Sorry there is no photo but I will publish one later- in the meantime, you can imagine how delicious it might be!


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