What happens when you pair a health-conscious, vegan mother of two who has her own diet business with a husband and children who sometimes have other ideas? This blog is a chronicle of my journey to eat and live in a life-affirming way!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank you Starbucks!

We moms have no excuse not to give our children healthy snacks now!!! Earlier in the week, I picked up my son from lacrosse and he was starving! We are not talking about the slightly hungry “mom, may I please have a snack” type hunger but the full-on, grumpy cranky, you have to get a snack into them NOW type hunger!

I looked across the street and saw a Starbucks (they are on every corner now!), entered and hoped for the best.

What I found was nirvana! Starbucks now carries Raw granola bars by Two Moms, dried fruit leathers, pureed fruit snacks by Peter Rabbit (perfect for little ones), bags of organic dried fruit, and even gluten-free, nut-free cookies by Lucy’s.

I got Oliver the bag of cookies and an Izzy sparkling fruit and water drink (and myself an iced green tea). And, as Oliver devoured his snack , we happily headed home. Crisis diverted!

On top of all of that, I was able to feel that I just had not stuffed him with a sugar-laden, processed snack because I was in a pinch!



  1. I love getting a Moms in the Raw granola bar when my hubby gets a coffee! I feel so special! :)

  2. I know it is great to feel like there is something that I can get there! And, honestly, a complete lifesaver with kids!!! They used to beg, beg, beg for a donut and now they just know it is not an option (at least not most days!)