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Friday, May 28, 2010

Quick, Easy Raw Pizza with Avocado

Last night I got home late from my daughter's chorus performance and was starving yet didn't want to spend hours in the kitchen. So, since I had made my Macadamia nut cheese and avocado fries earlier, I decided to put together my VERY favorite raw pizza!

I believe in a well stocked pantry so all you need is:

Raw Pizza
- Love Force raw bread (sun-flax orginal and rye are my favorites but also have raison & Italian)
- Raw macadamian nuts (see my earlier post on Macadamia nut cheese) or cashews
- Slice of tomato
- Few leaves of spinach or another green
- Grated carrots (optional)
- Sprouts!
- Avocado (see my earlier post on avocado fries)
- optional: raw pesto to drizzle (did not do it here)

Take a slice of the Love Force bread. Liberally cover the bread with the Macadamia nut cream cheese. (You could also make or buy a raw cashew cheese, or if you are not all-raw use a spreadable cheese such as Tofutti or even a sliceable almond cheese.) Layer spinach or another green on top, then the sliced tomato, grated carrots if you are using them and sprouts. At the very end top with sliced avocado. Today, I used the avocado fries since I had already had them made but you can used just plain sliced avocado and it is delicious also! Note: if you are using sliced avocados, I recommend adding them after the cheese and smooshing them down with a fork so they don't slip off!

This is a wonderful lunch or snack idea for children and I promise you they will not know the difference between this and a regular open faced sandwich! To make it a bit more "kid friendly," you could also use Exekiel bread instead of the Love Force bread.

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