What happens when you pair a health-conscious, vegan mother of two who has her own diet business with a husband and children who sometimes have other ideas? This blog is a chronicle of my journey to eat and live in a life-affirming way!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's Important to Take Care of Mom Too!

In the hustle and bustle of my day, I always make sure that my kids are fed and my husband is fed! But, I sometimes just forget about or don't take time to take care of myself! Sound familiar?

Yesterday I had a particularly grueling day with work and my kids activities and at 2 pm, I ended up making a green smoothie because I was having an early dinner with my husband and by that point did not want to spoil our lovely dinner at Pure Food.

Well, by 5 pm I was about to bite my kids heads off I was so grumpy! Definately not the picture of health and balance from the raw mama!

Anyway, this week I am making a conscious effort to take care of myself and make myself a priority! Today I made this gorgeous salad with locinato kale, raddicio, shaved carrots, avocado and crunchy sprouts all dressed with an olive oil, lemon and sea salt dressing. I feel so much more balanced and ready to pick up the kids and tackle the afternoons activities of 2 school pick ups, a playdate at the park, a dance recital and a ballet school meeting!

When we take care of ourselves better, we can take care of others!

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