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Monday, May 9, 2011

So, how was your Mother's Day? Mine was busy but fantastic! Of course, I woke up to the prerequisite breakfast in bed but then got surprise with not one but two arrangements of flowers and a new digital camera, which I have been dying for!!!

Had my favorite breakfast.

Then, I went for a nice 7 mile run in the park. The weather was bright and sunny and just what Mother's Day is supposed to be!

The rest of the day, I would have like to have said, was spent getting massages and lounging around but that was definitely not to be! My daughter had lacrosse practice and my son a game away in New Jersey so he and I tagged teamed. What ended up happening was that I ended up spending the day with the two people (well, three to be exact if you include the hubbie) who are responsible for being a mother. Isn't that what Mother's Day is all about?

After the boys got back from lacrosse, they took me to my favorite restaurant, Pure, where we sat on the gorgeous, romantic patio. I didn't take pictures of the evening because I promised myself and my family that I would not work or blog on Mother's Day and it was so nice having a day off!

Here is a pic, though, of the favorite dessert, Pure Food and Wine's Peppermint Sundae that I single-handedly devoured. Usually, my daughter and I fight over the spoons but this time she let me have it all to myself-yum! Before, you feel sorry for her, she ordered the trio of chocolate desserts (ice cream cone, chocolate covered ice cream on a stick and chocolate ice cream sandwich!)

What did you do on Mother's Day?

Did you do something special or take your own mother somewhere special?

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