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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Avocado & Cashew Cheese Sandwich

So, what did I have for lunch today?

Today, I set up the general store at my son's school, went to the gym, wrote an article that was due yesterday, fielded calls and planned my daughter's Girl Scout lecture. So, when lunch rolled around I was more than starving. So, I made an Avocado and Cashew Cheese Sandwich on Carrot Bread and a Carrot Green Juice!

Here is the sandwich. I used Dr. Cow's Cashew Cheese and Rayo De Sol's Carrot Cake bread. Dr. Cow's cheese is made from cashews and is dairy-free and Rayo De Sol's bread is sprouted, raw and gluten-free and contains no added sugar or other preservatives.

Oh, my goshhhhhhh. So delicious. The bread was just a bit sweet and perfectly balance the creamy "cheese" and avocado. I am in heaven.

On the side, I made a carrot green juice because I am BIG on getting in as many wedgies as I can during the day!
In the bowl on the left is the pulp from the juice. I hate wasting so SAVE YOUR PULP! You can use it to make muffins, crackers, pancakes or other breads, sprinkle it on salads, add to marinara sauce to up the nutritional ante or even sprinkle it on your cat or dogs food for more nutrition or fiber.
Take a cloooose look at the bowl on the left because, after I make my almond milk today (I save almond pulp from that,) I plan to make some delicious muffins!

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